About CHANCES of Stone County

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When the citizens of Stone County overwhelmingly voted in favor of a Stone County Developmental Disability Board (SCDDB) on November 8, 2016, the status of CHANCES became not only a community group, but also a PROVIDER of SERVICES for Stone County! CHANCES is dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals with Developmental Disabilities. Many times these individuals are children, family members, or friends. The title of CHANCES stands for Community Helping Able Neighborhood Citizens Experience Success. Chances was co-founded as a nonprofit group in late 2009 by visionaries Pete and Cathy Peterson, and a group of supportive parents. This dedicated group wanted to see services provided for Stone county residents with Developmental Disabilities (as many other Missouri counties do) to enhance their quality of life. Pete and Cathy knew that in order for Stone county to receive funding for Developmental Disabilities, a Disability Board for Stone County would need to be established.

CHANCES decided to do the work necessary to have this initiative put on the  ballot for voter approval. Years later, this hard work paid off on November 8, 2016 when the citizens of Stone County overwhelmingly ( 68-32 percent) voted in favor of the tax levy to fund the Stone County Disability Board!

CHANCES is a fun group to be a part of! Many of our members participate in various sports through the Special Olympics, Sporting Chance, and Champion of Athletes.  We have several group activities throughout the year and bowl regularly twice a month (see our activities calendar for more details). Each month, CHANCES hosts Music Therapy or other group therapeutic events for all Stone County residents with developmental disabilities. Siblings and parents are welcome to attend as well! CHANCES is a family. We work hard together, and play hard together!

CHANCES is an open group and welcomes anyone with Developmental Disabilities including Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and Brain Injury. We want you to be part of the FAMILY!

What is a Disability Board?/How Does the Board Operate?
The SB 40 (Stone County Disability) Board is a political sub-division of the county. The Stone County Commission will appoint (by May 2017) a nine member board to serve in three year staggered terms. The board will be empowered to collect a county-wide property tax for the establishment and/or operation of a sheltered workshop, residential facilities and/or related services for the care or employment of Stone County residents with developmental disabilities. Providing developmental disabilities services in Stone County costs approximately $19.00/year per home or land owner (based on an assessed property value of $100,000). 

Who is eligible for services?
Any individual residing in Stone County having a developmental disability will be eligible. According to state law, a qualifying individual’s mental disability must have occurred before the age of 18, while any other developmental disability must have occurred before age 22. All conditions must be expected to continue indefinitely.

In all likelihood you know someone who has a developmental disability. The impact of the rise in the prevalence of developmental disabilities will be felt in every community in our county. The Center for Disease Control reports that over the past 12 years, there has been a 17.1% increase in diagnosed cases—that’s about 1.8 million more children with developmental disabilities in 2006–2008 compared to a decade earlier.

Communities are already seeing a dramatic increase in the number of children entering adulthood that have developmental disabilities and need resources, services and training to integrate into the community and workforce to lead productive, fulfilling lives. The purpose of the Stone County Disability Board will be to assist in self-reliance and reduce dependence on government assistance for any person with the ability and desire to work, live independently and be an active participant in our community. While this will look different to each individual situation, the goal is to improve the lives of all persons with developmental disabilities in Stone County. http://stoneddboard.com

What is a Developmental Disability?
A developmental disability is a disability which is attributable to mental retardation, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, head injury or autism or a learning disability related to a brain dysfunction that results in substantial limitation in areas of major life activity, such as self-care, language development and use, learning, self-direction, capacity for independent living or economic self-sufficiency or mobility, and reflects the person’s need for care or treatment that is lifelong or extended duration. Mental illness is not considered a developmental disability.